July 5, 2019

Leisure Lawns Collection at Concord Amish Village

The Leisure Lawns Collection

Leisure Lawn IconWhat comes to our mind when you think of leisure and refreshment?  Is it relaxing on a deck in the mountains with the cool mountain breezes whispering in the trees?  Or is lounging on a sandy beach at sunset listening to the rhythm of the waves?

Times of leisure and refreshment are rejuvenating and give us new vigor for the tasks ahead.  In moderation, leisure and relaxation add quality of life.

The mountains or the beach are not the only place you can find refreshment and rejuvenation.  At Concord Amish Village we specialize in bringing that refreshment and leisure to your own backyard with the Leisure Lawns Collection.  With our broad selection of poly and wood furniture we make relaxing at home so much more convenient and enjoyable.

Take time to browse our many styles and envision them in your own backyard!  We think that you will like them!

Every piece of the Leisure Lawns Collection is handmade, hand cut and screwed together with only the highest quality of products.  We believe in a quality that is not readily available in today’s world of furniture.

If you are tired of your furniture rotting, rusting and falling apart from wear, then you are looking for our poly lawn furniture. Our maintenance-free furniture makes outdoor living refreshing.  This beautiful, colorful and very durable furniture love the outdoors and maintenance free!!

Please stop by our showroom, or e-mail us, for more information on the Leisure Lawns Collection!

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Our Newest Leisure Lawn Products

Concord Amish Village now has Leisure Lawn's English Garden and Classic Island series of products.  All of the tables are available at counter height (36") and Bar Height (39")

English Garden

Classic Island


Leisure Lawns Collection

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English Garden

West Chester

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